Choose Broadway over an Amusement Park.

Aren’t you tired of taking your ensemble to an amusement park every year for the same festival experience?  Give your students something fun and educational with a trip to a local Broadway Show.

We give them an opportunity to perform in a rehearsal studio  with a Professional Musician or University Professor, who will spend at least 60 minutes working with your students on their music. Yes, you will still go home with a big Trophy with a rating plate and written comments, but they will get the personal touch of working with the clinician.

Afterwards, enjoy a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe or similar,  and then to see a Broadway Show or a Symphony Orchestra performance.

The best part is that you can pick the date of travel based on performances available.  Since it is not a competition, we can create this performance adjudication-clinic whether there is one school or ten.

We can also customize your package to include transportation, attractions, hotels, meals, performances and much more.

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Performance Adjudications Clinic – Your ensemble will have 60-90 minutes in a Broadway Rehearsal Studio to perform up to Three (3) pieces of music for an adjudicator and then receive the balance of the time in a clinic.  You may also opt for a non-adjudicated Broadway Workshops

Broadway Show and Other Performance Options – Pick from our list of Broadway Shows or Orchestra/Dance performances tickets to complete your day.  Tickets are based on Student Rear Mezzanine Seating.   Lunch or Dinner

Additional Options – Add-on public performance opportunities, attractions, additional meals, and transportation.  In addition, turn your one day trip into a weekend with hotel accommodations, additional meals and attractions.

Reserve your Date Today

It is simple and easy to reserve your date.  We do not require any deposits, just fill-out our Registration Form and we will confirm your date and show within Seven (7) days.